Welcome to the Australian Financial Services Licence Navigator

The Australian Financial Services Licence Navigator (AFSLN) saves you working through Australia’s new regulatory framework to understand which licence or regulatory relief you need to provide financial services in Australia after March 2024.

Financial services providers located outside Australia but wanting to provide financial services in Australia after 31 March 2024 generally fall into one of three groups:

  1. You need a licence and are eligible for a foreign financial services licence
  2. You need a licence, although you are eligible for the funds management relief
  3. You need a full Australian financial services licence to operate in Australia.

You are in one of those groups even if you do not need a licence today because you have a “limited connection to Australia”, meaning you look for clients in Australia, then provide them with financial services elsewhere. This form of relief ends on 31 March 2024.

Operating without a licence or relief or operating with the wrong licence can mean significant penalties in Australia and might also need to be reported in your home jurisdiction. Operating without the appropriate licence or relief might also entitle your clients to void their contracts with you.

In just five minutes, our Australian Financial Services Licence Navigator will tell you what licence or relief you need to apply for.

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